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  1. Kingdom Authority

    Kingdom Authority (Book)


    Many people in the church battle with the realm of darkness, yet they remain silent and therefore stuck in its throes, with no knowledge of how to achieve victory. Learn More
  2. Kingdom Authority

    Kingdom Authority


    In this powerful teaching, Pastor Kynan gives biblical insight on the Authority of the born-again believer and exposes the insidious effects of the religious spirit that is so prevalent in the body of Christ today. Learn More
  3. 90 Days of Breakthrough

    90 Days of Breakthrough


    In this practical, power-packed, easy-to-read collection of ninety declarations, you will be empowered by the Word of God and the revelatory teaching of Dr. Kynan Bridges to release the miraculous in your life and receive the breakthrough that you need. Learn More
  4. School of The Presence

    School of The Presence


    Through Pastor Kynan’s revelatory insight, you will: Learn secrets to sustaining a constant flow of God’s supernatural power Discover keys to enjoy God’s presence 24/7 Change the atmosphere around you by partnering with the Holy Spirit within you Learn to experience God’s Presence and Power every day! Learn More
  5. The Healing Handbook

    The Healing Handbook

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    Your Guide to Receiving and Releasing God’s Healing Power! Sickness is not God’s will… for you or for anyone else. According to the Bible, sickness is not a gift from Heaven—it is a result of sin, the Fall, and the curse. You are not called to accept or embrace it; you have been anointed to release God’s healing, deliverance, and freedom! Learn More
  6. 90 Days To Possessing Your Healing

    90 Days To Possessing Your Healing


    Overcome the roadblocks that have kept you from possessing your healing and experience your breakthrough today! Learn More
  7. Possessing Your Healing
  8. The Power of Prophetic Prayer

    The Power of Prophetic Prayer


    Prayer releases the atmosphere of heaven into the earth. If prayer can alter the course of history and reshape the world, then why don't believers pray more? Perhaps because they don't understand the power of prophetic prayer! Kynan Bridges leads readers in a spiritual discovery of what prayer is and how much power it holds by exploring the relationship between "prophecy" and "prayer." Learn More

8 Item(s)

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